Intrauterine insemination

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Ø-Vet offers a course in intrauterine insemination for both customers and other interested parties. Intrauterine insemination is insemination directly in the uterus compared to the traditional insemination at the cervix. As the insemination is done directly in the uterus, a course and subsequent approval by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration are legally required in Denmark.

The course is held a one-day course on your farm. During the day, you learn about the anatomy of the animals and physiology plus the differences between traditional and interuterine insemination. Furthermore, the course contains a practical part with the heat detector and subsequent insemination of the sows. The day ends with an exam.

The insemination method is about twice as fast as the traditional insemination. The time saved is partly found in heat control itself and partly in the insemination. During heat control, all sows do not have to be stimulated according to The Pig Research Centre's 5-point plan unless they do not show standing heat with a standing reflex. The insemination itself is also faster as the location of the semen in directly in the uterus means that you do not have to wait for the sow to suck up the semen.

If you are intested, please contact veterinarian Louise Huge Skovsmose. 

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