Medicine handling course

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We arrange courses acknowledged by The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration and also arrange courses targeting pig producers.

The acknowledged courses consist of both a theoretical and a practical part.

The theoretical part takes 6 hours and the practical one lasts for 2 hours. Sometimes, the practical part can take place in your own herd.

The purpose is to achieve good knowledge of how to handle medicine correctly and to avoid medicine leftovers in meat and other products from the animals. Besides, the course will teach you how to best possible avoid resistance by the bacteria that are inside the bodies of both humans and animals. The course will deal with cattle, sheep, goats, swine and fish. You will get insight into the various types of medicine that can be used today if you have a supervision contract. The basic motto of the practical part is LOOK – EXPLAIN – REHEARSE!

Intra-muscular and subcutaneous injections and oral medications will be rehearsed until every participant is aware of the techniques.

At the end, a diploma with the theoretical teacher’s and the veterinarian’s signatures is handed out. Our medicine handling course is held in English (basic English so everyone can keep up).

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