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Quick guide on legal requirements in connection with the Danish Veterinay and Food Administration's control campaign April-September 2018 on housing of sick and injured animals
Checklist for the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration's control campaign 2017 - antibiotics for finisher pigs
Farm registration form for piglets
Farm registration form for sows
Farm registration form for sows in hospital pen
Farm registration form 1 for weaners
Farm registration form 2 for weaners
Farm registration form for finisher pigs

New export declaration (valid from 17 october 2021) in Danish


Form for Extended Health Control/USK (Danish)
LF testing of blood samples (Danish)
LF testing of material from pigs (Danish)
LF testing for salmonella (Danish)

Lectures online annual meeting 2021 (videos In Danish with English subtitles)

Feeding of gestating sows by Alex Stricker Jakobsen, Ø-Vet
Selection of replacement gilts by Louise Huge Skovsmose, Ø-Vet

Lectures annual meeting 2020 (in Danish)

Successful handling of sick animals by Inger Morthorst Møller, DVM, Ø-Vet
Ingen brok! by Inge Larsen, assistant professor at University of Copenhagen
Handling of hernia pigs in the herd by Nikolaj Kjer Jensen, DVM, Ø-Vet
Tomorrow's prevention of diseases by Søren Thielsen, DVM, Ø-Vet
Virus management in practice by Alex Stricker Jakobsen, DVM, Ø-Vet
Erfaring fra Produktionskoncept Slagtesvin by Joachim Glerup Andersen, senior consultant, SEGES

Lectures annual meeting 2019 (in Danish)

Whole Tails by Helle Lahrmann, special consultant, Seges
Weaning without medicial zinc - is it possible? by Niels J. Kjeldsen, chief consultant, Seges
When the prices will not come to us, we will have to come to them by Bjarne Feldthusen, pig producer
Alternative feed components by Else Vils, chief scientist, Seges

Alternative feed components from a health perspective by Søren Thielsen, DVM, Ø-Vet

Lectures annual meeting 2018 (in Danish)

Stillborns - do you have the bladder under control? by Lola Käthe Tolstrup, DVM, Ph.d., Seges
How to reduce vaccine costs by Andreas Birch, DVM, Ø-Vet
Economy in finisher pig production - how hard can it be? by Lasse Eriksen, Boje og Eriksen Landbrug I/S, pig producer
Psychology on the farm corridor by Vibeke F. Nielsen, special consultant, Seges

Lectures annual meeting 2017 (in Danish)

Sweet beet pellets and structure for weaners and finisher pigs by Alex Stricker Jakobsen, DVM, Ø-Vet
Intrauterine insemination by Louise Huge Skovsmose, DVM, Ø-Vet
Why my sow does not milk by Søren Thielsen, DVM, Ø-Vet
10 years with residue-free liquid feeding by Jens Korneliussen, SvineRådgivningen
Our pig production (without videos) by Harald Gropen, Norwegian pig producer

Lectures annual meeting 2016 (in Danish)

Stomach ulcers in sows, weaners and finisher pigs by Andreas Birch, DVM, Ø-Vet and Christian Fink, University of Copenhagen
Relevant diseases in Denmark - what is happening right now? by Svend Haugegaard, Seges
Introduction of young females into PRRS positive herds by Bonnie Edahl Hoelstad, dyrlæge
What can you learn from Swedish pig production? by Mattias Espert, Smågris Syd
The PED situation in Europe by Anette Bøtner, DVM, DTU

Lectures annual meeting 2015 (in Danish)

Diarrhoea in weaners and finisher pigs by Inge Larsen, PhD student at University of Copenhagen, DVM
Chlamydia in sows by Flemming Thorup, chief scientist, Seges

Newsletters: Mink (in Danish)

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