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Ø-Vet has opened an office in Vejle, Denmark

We are happy to announce that Ø-Vet has opened a satellite office in Vejle.

We have an increasing number of customers in Jutland and despite all our veterinarians servicing the entire country, we have 3 veterinarians living in Jutland.

We have therefore opened this office in order to meet the needs of both the Jutlandic farmers and veterinarians.

Facade 1

The office will provide the daily surroundings for the Jutlandic veterinarians, and meetings, courses etc. will also be held there. 

Likewise, we have been fortunate to find premises which can house a small laboratory so we can also do faeces examinations and bacteriological cultivations from faeces, urine etc. in Jutland.


The Vejle office is easily accessible from the motorway.

Kort Vejle og Næstved

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