Health supervision

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Our main purpose is to offer health supervision in swine herds.

In close cooperation with the responsible persons in your herd, we try to clarify and monitor factors that influence on the herd’s health and welfare. We plan and implement actions that ensure the herd’s health and productivity, thriving animals and healthy food.

In other words – we are a part of the FARM-TO-TABLE concept.

Your herd is inspected, and conditions that influence on both the herd and the single animal’s thriving and health will be checked and discussed. This may lead to supplementary examinations, necropsies, laboratory tests etc.

Furthermore, relevant data from the E-control, slaughterhouse remarks, zoonosis control checks, feed analysis and registrations from the personnel are also taken into consideration.

The visit ends with an overall evaluation and agreements regarding implementations by both the veterinarian and the personnel. Documentation will follow in the form of a written inspection report.

Our price for herd inspections is a combination of subscription and time spent in your herd. The subscription is calculated from the annual production volume for a sow herd, 7-30 kilo pigs and/or slaughter pigs. The subscription covers our expenses for prescription and maintenance of prescriptions, instruction schedules, treatment guidelines etc. The present time spent will be charged per one quarter of an hour at a reduced hourly rate compared with the hourly rate for clients without subscriptions. The rates are index adjusted once a year.

As a subscriber, you will have priority access to various courses.

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