Reproduction analyses

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Reproduction problems can be a rather heavy economic burden for a sow herd. You may have problems with returns to oestrus, abortions, the litter size and much more. A reproduction analysis is a useful tool with regard to solving these problems or discovering problems that you did not know existed.

The analysis always starts with a copy of your AgroSoft data and a description of the problem(s) sent to the veterinarian, who passes them on to one of Ø-Vet’s two reproduction experts. The analysis of the data results in a written report, recommending which areas are necessary to focus on in your herd. The veterinarian can then use the report for further diagnostics, often followed by blood samples, feed samples and especially a reproduction USK (extended health control). At extended health controls, genitalia from slaughtered sows are submitted to the laboratory in Kjellerup which presents a unique way of looking inside the animals.

Sometimes, however, the problem requires that a visit by a reproduction expert is made – either one from Ø-Vet or from one of our partners.

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