Video consultation


Treatment of an animal was unsuccessful and you are in doubt about the next steps, or the disorder is something you are not entirely used to seeing, or perhaps the employees need support in making decisions about treatments of sows. For some employees the decision of euthanising can be difficult. In that case, video consultations are the obvious solution. The veterinarian can quickly and easily help and support in making decisions.

Video consultations can furthermore support and help the insecure employee with making decisions about treatments of sick sows or when euthanising is the best solution.

Video consultations can be carried out both as regular, weekly calls when inspecting sick animals which in our experience has a really good effect, but it can also be used for individual situations where you are on the farm and suddenly in doubt and need advice from a veterinarian.

The only thing this requires is a phone with a camera, a fairly stable network connectuion and preferably head phones.

Call your veterinarian directly or the office to hear more about this or to start a video consultation right away.

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