Welfare visit

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Good animal welfare is important both due to ethical and economic reasons. Moreover it is a subject of great importance and interest to media, consumers and politicians. It is therefore required that we who deal with animals on a daily basis know how to ensure good conditions for them and how to spare them best possibly from pain and unnecessary suffering. However, sometimes we see that busyness and the many work tasks of a day override the focus on animal welfare. We do admit that there are many rules to keep track of, but we would like to help with this.

We offer to go through your farm with a view to ensuring a high degree of animal welfare. Among other things, we check medicine registrations, design of hospital pens and handling of sick and injured animals. Overall, we make sure that you fulfil the legal requirements and that you will be able to have a control visit with a peace of mind.

Furthermore, we believe that if the animals are well, then this will also create better results on the bottom line.

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